You Can Rent A Cabin On The Real-Life Dutton Ranch From The Show ‘Yellowstone’

Dutton ranch yellowstone
Paramount Network

Yellowstone just might be one of the hottest shows on television right now.

Aside from the stellar music (we’re talking about Cody Jinks, Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, Whiskey Myers, and even Zach Bryan), the show features some of the most captivating settings in all of TV.

Set in the beautiful state of Montana, near Yellowstone National Park, the real-life Dutton Ranch is actually the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana. And the best part? You can rent a cabin on the property.

That’s right people, if you’re a fan of the show Yellowstone, you can actually spend the night on the Dutton Ranch.

While you can’t stay in the Dutton home itself, the Chief Joseph Ranch does rent out two cabins on the property: the Ben Cook Cabin (which is Rip’s cabin in Season 1 and Casey’s cabin in Season 2) and the Fisherman’s Cabin (which is Lee’s cabin in Season 1 and Season 2). Each cabin sleeps 8 guests and has a full kitchen and a grill. You can contact them on their website to find the availability, but right now, you’re going to have to book them well in advance.

I mean, is there better way to experience the great state of Montana, the great outdoors, AND get your Yellowstone fix? I don’t think so.

Start planning next year’s vacation.

Want a closer look? Paramount Network shared a video taking you inside the real Dutton Ranch.

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