UFC Fighter Mike Perry Knocks Out Older Man, Hits Woman & Hollers Racial Slurs At Texas Restaurant

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UFC fighter Mike Perry was filmed punching an old man and dropping various n-bombs during a confrontation at a restaurant in Texas the other night.

And according TMZ Sports, Perry got into it with someone at his table and was asked to leave by the restaurant. Perry then punched a restaurant employee in the eye, and as he was leaving, got into it with more people in the restaurant, ultimately punching an older man in the face knocking him unconscious.

A woman, who was later identified as Perry’s girlfriend, tried to get him to leave but according to the police report, he hit her as well. And if that all wasn’t bad enough, Perry dropped quite a few n-bombs on his way out, which apparently he’s known to do.

When police arrived the old man was still unconscious and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Imagine being a grown man, capable of beating the shit out of 99% of people in the world, and still acting like a whiny child because somebody “touched you.” What are 5 years old? Hitting woman, hitting old men, shouting racial slurs… get lost you clown.

And, AND… he left without paying the bill.

He also shared some lovely tweets that same day.

His response:

The UFC has yet to respond but it’s probably about time to start looking for a new job Mike…

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