Busch Light Apple Will Be Here On July 13th

Flint Hills Beverage

This is not a drill, or a joke.

We’ve tried it.

It’s happening.

Busch Light Apple is officially arriving on July 13.

“Are you ready?”

They sent us a sample and some goodies last week. The beer arrived nearly boiling as it was 95 degrees out, so we had to impatiently wait for it to get to a reasonable drinking temp. Then, the sip. WTF am I drinking? Is it a beer? A cider?

Well, it’s a beer, with a apple flavor. It’s definitely not a cider, or sweet. Rather a light beer, with an apple finish. Weird, for sure, but I could see people digging this in the fall months.

Look at it.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock