Drunk “Zombie Karen” Goes Apesh*t After Bar Refuses Her Entry, Licks Glass & Knocks Herself Out Cold

An absolute gem a video coming out of Louisiana on this lovely 4th of July morning.

Dubbed the “Zombie Karen” it appears as though she was plastered and didn’t have a face mask so she was refused entry into the bar.

And rather than just going home like a normal person, Karen turned into a raging lunatic, resembling one of the zombies from I Am Legend.

She tries to break down the door (she’s lucky she didn’t go through it), she headbutts the glass, licks the glass (definitely got The Rona right there) and eventually knocks herself unconscious banging her head off the door.

Eventually the cops show up and take her away before she hurts herself even more.

And all of this madness is delivered with some A+ color commentary from our videographer.

I honestly don’t know who is funnier… zombie Karen or the guy recording the video.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock