Sacha Baron Cohen Infiltrates Political Rally Disguised As Country Singer, Performs Offensive Song

Sacha strikes again.

Comedian and well-known troll Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated a freedom rally in Washington state called “March For Our Rights 3.” The event was hosted by the The Three Percenters, who are often referred to as a “far-right militia group,” despite their claims they are NOT in fact a militia group.

Anyways, Sacha was doing what Sacha does best and posed as an undercover country/bluegrass singer before he unleashed his hyper-offensive song that called for injecting people with the Wuhan Flu. Of course the song was offensive as hell, but that didn’t stop some in the crowd from singing and cheering along. And that’s kind of the point though isn’t it? To get people to expose their true beliefs when they think they’re safe to do so.

But the best part, is that Sacha posed as a large donor, sponsored the festival himself, hired a production company, the entertainment, and more importantly, the security team for the event.

So when the event organizers tried to stop him from singing the song, which was clearly racist, hateful and offensive, the security wouldn’t let the organizers on the stage or near the power.


And I guess the Gatlin Brothers were also hired to perform.

Needless to say, event organizers were pissed.

Watch them try and wrap their minds around what happened.

But then….



I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you fall on, this is comedy gold. Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals… I don’t care who you are, when you’re getting trolled by Sacha, I’m laughing at you.

Cohen is of course known for the films Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and Bruno, along with his political satire TV show Who Is America?, where he pranked various public officials.

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