“I Don’t Wear A Mask For Same Reason I Don’t Wear Underwear, Things Gotta Breathe” – Florida Woman Tells Off County Commissioners

It’s an absolute shitshow down in Florida… then again, when is it not?

According to CBS 12, the Palm Beach County commissioners unanimously approved an executive order that requires face masks to be worn by anybody in public in Palm Beach County.

And shocker… people were PISSED.

And while many arguments were made, some not so good and some REALLY not so good, one was worthy of a headline that the only the people of the great state of Florida could produce.

Whitney, an essential worker told the commission:

“I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear… things need to breathe.”

Welcome to Florida people…

Woman tells commissioners she doesn't wear a mask or underwear

Whitney, an essential worker, told commissioners she doesn't wear a mask for the same reason she doesn't wear underwear. "Things gotta breathe."https://bit.ly/2Njhjeu

Posted by KEPR Action News on Tuesday, June 23, 2020