Ford Teases The 2021 Bronco’s Off-Road Capabilities In New Video

Concept Design via

Ford promised us that we’re going to get to see the new Bronco this spring, and I have to say, my patience is running thin.

And while we haven’t seen them unveil it yet, they did however give us a sneak peak of what the new Bronco can do.

Released to Bronco Nation, an official fan page of the Ford Bronco, the new video shows a couple disguised Broncos ripping it up in the Georgia mud. Aside from cutting through the mud like a hot knife through butter, the new Bronco also shows off a pretty nifty maneuver where one of the rear wheel locks up as the truck pivots around a pretty tight corner. This allows the turning radius to shrink considerably.

According to AutoBlog, this feature is also available on the Toyota Land Cruiser, but not any of Jeep’s models so right there we’re already looking at a leg-up on one of their primary competitors.

And while the design is covered up with, you still get a pretty good idea of the overall shape of these bad boys.

Stay tuned for the official reveal… it should be happening SOON.

In the mean time, you can check out the latest concept images from the good people at Bronco 6G Forum.

Feel free to check out the rest of them there, including more color and trim options.

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