Tyler Childers Gets Mannequin Of Disbarred Lawyer & His Name On Country Music Highway The Same Day

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It may get hard out on the road, but you gotta think it’s a little easier when you see your name on the sign.

Back in February, a resolution was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives to honor Tyler Childers with road signs along the Country Music Highway in his native Lawrence County. Among his accomplishments, the resolution cited “Ever Lovin’ Hand,” Tyler’s song about jerking off while he’s out on the road away from his wife.

Well unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the resolution was ever debated or voted on by the legislature. But the good news is that Tyler still got his sign.

Tyler posted a picture of the sign along US-23, commonly referred to as the Country Music Highway, bearing his name along with country legends like Ricky Skaggs and Keith Whitley.

But that’s not the only big addition in Tyler’s life: He also bought a mannequin of a disbarred lawyer from a Billboard along the same highway.

The mannequin, which looks to be about 8 feet tall, was featured on billboards advertising for local attorney Eric Conn. After Conn was disbarred and sent to prison for fraud and bribery, Tyler managed to snag one of the disgraced lawyer’s larger-than-life mannequins in exchange for a donation to Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, an organization that provides free legal services to the low-income community.

Tyler documented his big day in a Facebook post, saying that he’s been driving by both the mannequin and the sign since he was “knee high to a grasshopper.”

A bucket list day indeed.

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