Lady In Wheelchair Tries To Defend Target From Looters, Takes Fire Extinguisher Blast To The Face

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Just an awful scene in Minneapolis right now.

In the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, protesters have taken to the streets to demand justice. The FBI, the Department of Justice and Minnesota state authorities are currently investigating the death, and the four officers involved in the arrest of Mr. Floyd have since been fired.

However, whenever there is a situation that calls for protest, there will always be others that try to exploit the situation for their own personal gain… we’re talking about looters.

An AutoZone was set ablaze and looters descend upon Cub Foods, Dollar Tree and more, but by far the strangest scene of the day was at Target.

Multiple videos show a woman named Jennifer who appears to be carrying a knife attempting to block the doorway at Target. Why does this woman feel the need to defend a Target that she doesn’t work at? I have no idea. Maybe it’s her favorite store, I don’t know…

But long story short, it did NOT go well for her.

Here you can see her carrying a tiny knife.

The aftermath…

Here you can see her get out of the wheelchair at some point during the chaos.

The whole situation sucks.

Jennifer says she was “peacefully protesting” and then “trying to block the way” but multiple people can be heard screaming she has a knife (and you can see it). We don’t know if anyone was stabbed, we don’t know what her lunatic motive was for trying to defend Target, we don’t even know how old she is…many reports have called her “elderly” or “disabled” but she doesn’t appear to be that old.

The whole point is what the fuck are you doing trying to stop looters in a damn wheelchair? It’s dumb, dangerous, and if you’re actually stabbing people in the process, you’re just part of the problem too. You’re not defending your village from Viking raiders, you’re not defending your home from an intruders, this isn’t Little Round Top in 1863… it’s TARGET. Go home…

And the lady dropping haymakers on her from behind while other tries to rob her, you both suck. Thankfully there were folks on video calling for a stop to the violence, but it’s clear there are no real winners in this situation.

At the end of the day, all this really does is cheapen the attempts of those that legitimately want to seek justice for a man that was killed. And now the conversation isn’t about progress and change, it’s about these dipshits at Target. A lose-lose for everybody involved.

And one more thing…. lamps? Really? What a weirdo…

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