Remember When This Kid Jumped On Stage & SHREDDED With Keith Urban? He’s Playing For Riley Green Now

It’s moments like this when I realize how much I miss live music. As much as drive-in concerts, and virtual streams have done a great job holding us over for the time being, you’re never going to get something like this.

About 4 years ago, a guy named Rob Joyce stood in the crowd at New Hampshire Pavilion, hoping Keith Urban would see his sign that read: “Can I play your guitar?”

Keith was happy to oblige.

And as it turns out Rob shredded his ASS OFF, performing Keith’s “Good Thing,” which wasn’t even on the set list that night.

Shortly after his viral moment, Rob moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a full time musician.

And after some gigs with Cody Purvis and Bucky Covington, and another surprise performance with the band Switchfoot, Rob is now the guitar player for a guy named Riley Green. Maybe you’ve heard of him…

Just a kid in the crowd at a Keith Urban show, and a few short years later, you’re playing guitar for one of the fastest rising stars in country music.

Pretty cool eh?

Dreams do come true kids.

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