Live Music Will Return To Nashville Bars This Monday

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Live music is BACK in Music City!

There hasn’t been much good news coming out of the music world lately. Concerts have basically all been cancelled for the rest of the year, albums are getting delayed, and we’re STILL waiting on that new Eric Church album. I was really needing something good to happen right about now.

Nashville announced its phased reopening plan a few weeks ago, with live music not expected to return until phase 3. Bar owners and musicians, however, weren’t happy with the idea of having to potentially wait until mid-June before live music was allowed back. One lower Broadway bar, Legend’s Corner, was even caught violating the ban on live music while its owners said they hoped to work with the city to come up with a plan to allow live music earlier than phase 3.

Well it looks like their efforts paid off, because Nashville mayor John Cooper announced today that the city would begin phase 2 of the reopening plan on Monday – and live music WILL be allowed.

There will be limits of no more than 25 people allowed in the venue, dance floors must remain closed, and only two musicians will be allowed on stage at a time, but some of the musicians who have been hard-hit by the sudden loss of employment caused by the ban will surely be happy to get back on stage.

It’s great to slowly be getting back to some sense of normalcy. Sure, there won’t be any full band shows yet. And the honky tonks on Broadway won’t be jam packed like they used to be (maybe that’s not such a bad thing…) but now you can finally go out for a drink in Nashville and hear live music playing from the bars.

And at this point, that’s good enough for me.

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