Maryland Bar Introduces Innertube Tables On Wheels To Keep Customers Socially Distanced

A person sitting on a chair

This is what it has come to…

Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City, Maryland, has an interesting approach to enforce their social distancing policy… and innertube table on wheels that each customer can wear.

According to a video from the bar’s Facebook page, “they are six feet apart. You can drink safely,” and they’ll be available “whenever we are allowed to serve.”

And how do you get into the bathroom? Yet to be seen…

But here’s my question: What happens when you accidentally bump into somebody else? Because newsflash, it happens every 5 seconds in a bar and the next thing you know, two grown men wearing pool floats on wheels start fighting each other from 6 feet apart.

If this is how it has to be, I’ll be just fine drinking at home…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock