Luke Combs Performs App State Alma Mater, Dedicates “This One’s For You” To Class Of 2020

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I remember my college graduation ceremony like it was yesterday.

The prestigious (and extremely overpriced joke of school) DePaul University, the nation’s largest Catholic school (I’m not even Catholic), well over a thousand kids at the commencement, it was hot as hell in there and I was MASSIVELY hungover. So hungover I didn’t even want to go…

And while mine was less than enjoyable, I can’t imagine having to sit through a 4-hour commencement ceremony on my laptop.

But given the times we’re living in, that’s exactly what kids these days are doing. Kids across the country, and kids at Appalachian State University, AKA the alma mater of Mr. Luke Combs.

At Depaul, we have John C. Reilly, the kid from Stanger Things, and couple a c-list basketball players… App State has Luke Combs, and he closed out their commencement ceremony with a special performance for his fellow alumni.

“Sorry you guys can’t be together today but I’m hoping to be able to lift your spirits a little bit so I took it upon myself to learn the Alma Mater… I hope you like it and have fun out in the world.”

He ended by dedicating a performance of “This One’s For You” to the new App State Class of 2020.

“I remember my days in Boone like they were yesterday, it was 2014 right before I moved to Nashville, and there so many things that I felt thankful for and people that I felt thankful to… my time at Appalachian State, the people of Boone are definitely some of those people and you’ll have memories here that you’ll cherish for a long time. And every time I play this song, I always think of my time there and of all the people that I met… it’s called ‘This One’s For You.'”

If you’re going to have to graduate over the computer screen, I suppose this is pretty good consolation.

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