Genius Mom Makes Cardboard Car So She Can Go Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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Times are tough right now and sometimes all you need is a damn McDouble to make it all go away.

But since the drive-thru is the only thing open across the world, you know… thanks to a global pandemic, those of us that don’t have cars might be shit out of luck. That was the case for one mom, who just wanted to get some McDonald’s for her daughter, but rather than giving up and going somewhere else, she got creative.

“My daughter wanted to go but I told her we couldn’t since we don’t have a car and we couldn’t go with somebody else either, because of the lockdown,” she said in a phone interview. “At the beginning, my daughter thought it was a stupid idea, she was embarrassed. So I started building the car on my own and then she started helping me… I told her it would give her some nice memories to tell her children about their grandmother’s crazy ideas.”

Naturally, her cardboard car caught the attention of other cars and more importantly… the police.

“I told the policewoman that I didn’t have a car but that we wanted to get a meal, and I think only then she realized that we were inside a cardboard car and burst out laughing.”

If you’ve been drunk pretty much anywhere at 2 in the morning, you’ve inevitably tried to walk through the drive-thru on foot only to be sent away in agonizing defeat.

In fact, there’s been about half a dozen times in my life when I’ve drunkenly flagged down a cab (this was before Uber people) strictly for the purposes of taking me through the drive-thru. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you’re about to throw down $17 on 2am Taco Bell, what a few extra bucks for a cab, right?

I definitely never thought of this though…

It’s pretty easy to recognize all the significant ways Coronavirus has affected our lives. People are losing loved ones, people are sick, they’re losing jobs. But even the littlest of things, something as insignificant as going into a McDonald’s, has changed for the foreseeable future. It kind of makes you appreciate everything just a little bit more.

And I bet that first bite tasted tasted so damn good.

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