If You Have A Complicated Relationship With Your Mom, Pistol Annies’ “Milkman” Is For You

I think everyone wishes they could have that perfect relationship with their mom.

You know, the kind you see on TV shows and movies. Where the mom is accepting and understanding of whatever you do in life. If you have that, good for you. I hope you appreciate it. Not everyone is so lucky…

Sometimes, we just don’t quite live up to the expectations our mothers had for us. Maybe she wanted you to be married with three kids by now and you’re still very single with no prospects. Maybe you spent your younger years being a little too wild for her taste and your relationship never recovered. Maybe your lifestyle just isn’t what she imagined for you. Whatever it is, you haven’t lived out her perfect fantasy for you yet, and it has put a strain on your relationship.

It’s not her fault. Times were different when she was growing up. She just wanted what she thought was best for you. The thing is, she never got that chance at freedom that you did, so she doesn’t understand.

That’s where Pistol Annie’s song “Milkman” comes into play.

Maybe if she had “loved the milkman” or done anything other than exactly what she was supposed to do, then she could be more accepting of your lifestyle. But she didn’t…

And now, a word of advice… it probably won’t ever get any better if you don’t put forth the effort.

Though it might not seem fair, if you want any kind of relationship at all, you’ll probably have to bite the bullet. And just maybe, all this time spent social distancing will help her miss you a little more, and just maybe, she’ll be a little more accepting of you.

And with today being Mother’s Day, you can be nice and reach out, knowing you still have that excuse not to see her.

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