Luke Combs Covers Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” & Fans Are Already Begging Him To Record It

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Luke is doing Garth people. I repeat, Luke is doing Garth.

In his continuing effort to be country music’s MVP of quarantine, Luke Combs teased a clip of the 1990 Garth Brooks classic, “The Dance,” a song that many will argue is his best song ever. I personally wouldn’t go that far, but it’s definitely up there.

But now that Luke has given us a little taste, you know what has to happen…

He’s gonna have to release the entire version. Or, at least perform in during the next livestream. We need it Luke, we all need it. I need it, the fans need it, the American people need it. Hell, Garth himself even needs it.

I can already imagine Garth’s eyes rolling into the back of his head when he hears Luke sing this one, a little tear welling up in the corner of his eye. He’s gonna scream, “TRISHA, get over here and check this out.” And she’ll come running, they’ll both watch it together and Garth will stare of into the distance, breathe in deeply through his nose the way dads do, and say, “man, that’s good stuff.”

I know we ask a lot of you Luke, but once again, on behalf of everybody, including Garth Brooks… please make it happen.

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