NASCAR Driver Kyle Larson Uses Racial Slur During iRacing Live Stream

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During yesterday’s iRacing Pro Series event, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, who apparently didn’t realize he was in a live-stream, was heard using a racial slur.

The clip was heard by thousands of racing fans who were watching the race on Twitch, including other professional drivers who appeared to be pretty shocked by his comment.

As of right now, neither Kyle nor NASCAR addressed the situation, but you can imagine some pretty hefty discipline is going to come down on Kyle, and deservedly so.

Not to mention all the sponsors that are jumping ship as we speak.

UPDATE: Kyle has been suspended indefinitely.

NASCAR is however aware of the situation:


And not only is the use of the word abhorrent in itself, NASCAR and its fans have worked hard to battle the stereotype that the sport is only for a bunch of racist rednecks, and this kind of shit just goes to further that perception.

Kyle is free to ruin his own career, but this sets the entire sport back, and the fans know that too.

Stay tuned…

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