Ritas New Freeze-A-Rita Ice Pops Weigh In At 8% Alcohol

Summer is right around the corner, quarantine is in full swing, and there is LITERALLY nothing to do besides drink alcohol.

And what’s better than a margarita in the summer time? A boozy margarita popsicle. And what’s better than a boozy margarita popsicle? A boozy margarita popsicle with a whopping 8 % alcohol.

According to Delish, Ritas, the popular canned margarita brand, is dipping their toes into the popsicle market with the launch of their new Freeze-A-Rita margarita freeze pops.

And at only 55 calories, you won’t be hurting that summer body that, let’s face it, probably won’t show up until October by the way quarantine is going.

They’ll hit stores in May of 2020, just in time for summer.

Your move White Claw…

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