Sorry Rascal Flatts, “Bless The Broken Road” Belongs To This Guy Now

If “Bless The Broken Road” takes you right back to a middle school slow dance, that’s all about to change.

RMR, pronounced “Rumor,” is blowing up the interwebs with “RASCAL,” a hilarious and ironic take on the Rascal Flatts classic.

The music video also begins with an acapella performance of Rascal Flatts’ “These Days” before launching into the full song. Here’s a snippet of the chorus, of course, performed to the melody of “Bless The Broken Road.”

“And every sleepless night, led me to where I am
Bitches that broke my heart, they became hoes I scam
Show me a better way, promise I’ll quit this game
This much I know it’s true…”

And between the confusion and the irony, the comments section was downright hysterical:

“He may have robbed us at gunpoint but he also taught us how to love again”
“That boy harmonize so beautifully, had to wipe my tears… with a glock.”
“What it’s like trying to explain my taste in music.”
“Look out for a guy with a gun and a voice of an angel.”
“The cameraman is crying for the song and his life.”
“Old Town Road opened some weird doors in music.”

I’m sorry Rascal Flatts, but this song…

It belongs to RMR now.

And while this may just be a spoof, RMR does appear to be a country music fan.

“I grew up on country and rap music,” he told FADER, “and this song is the interpretation of what the new genre should sound like.”

RMR, who recently signed a deal with Warner Music, was also spotted in the studio with producer Mike Dean singing Brad Paisley’s “Online.”

I mean, if you’re singing Brad Paisley’s “Online,” you’re probably a legit country music fan. Nobody hears that one by accident these days.

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@whatrmr singing that @bradpaisley shit!! Mask on.

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