Kenny Chesney Debuts Reflective New Song “Knowing You”

Kenny is back with another cut off his highly-anticipated, upcoming album, Here & Now.

Titled “Knowing You,” it’s a reflective track about missing somebody special, but at the same time, being happy for wherever they’re now.

And for Kenny, it immediately took him back to some of the country classics.

“When I heard it, ‘Knowing You’ knocked me out. It was such a classic kind of country song you don’t hear any more, and it was so pure. And then, the idea you’re wishing the best for the other person, kind of smiling, knowing just what they’re doing and thinking, ‘Yeah, go enjoy the moment…’ is something the best people in our lives make us feel.”

But more than just an old fashioned country heartbreaker, “Knowing You” meets the listener where they are. Whether you’re struggling to say goodbye to an old friend, or someone you loved has passed away, it fits various stages of life.

“And this song doesn’t have to be a lover who’s gone, or even a friend whose dream took them in another direction. It can be someone who’s passed away, just staring into the sunset, knowing they’re living that best part of life in Heaven, maybe even looking down on you and smiling… It’s humbling hearing what a song has meant to someone, where and when they’ve played it. Funerals, weddings, big games, really important moments, or just alone in a dark time. When you realize what songs represent, it’s not a hit record, but actual chunks of people’s lives.”

Here and Now hits shelves on May 1st.

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