Tennessee Man Stuck With 18,000 Bottles Of Sanitizer After Price Gouging Scheme Fails

Gotta love a guy looking to make money off of a worldwide pandemic.

After the the first person died from Coronavirus in the United States, Matt Colvin started stockpiling supplies to sell for profit. At first he drove around the Chattanooga area, but then he went state to state accumulating hand sanitizer, wipes, and toilet paper.

After gouging people for up to $70 a bottle in some cases, Amazon took his listing down and now he’s stuck with nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitzier.

When asked if he was sorry, Colvin thought long and hard (uncomfortably long) and said “no.” He chalked it up to a bad business decision.

What a dickhead. Looking to make money off of people that are sick, suffering, and if nothing else trying their best to stay healthy and combat the rapid spread of this virus. Hall of fame dickhead behavior.

He says he’ll probably just donate the rest.

What a smug bastard.

You have athletes and team owners paying the salaries of the the area-staff, regular people doing their best to help their neighbors, and then you have guys like this… don’t be this guy.

Be the guy buying 12 cases of beer, don’t be the guy buying 12 packs of toilet paper.

And remember…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock