“WE NEED BEER” Sign Hangs From Roof Of Nashville Tornado Victim

A house with a garage

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Nashville is still recovering from the devastating tornadoes that ravaged the city last week. But what do you do when your neighborhood is still cleaning up and all you want is a beer?

Well Ben Kozak used the damaged roof of his North Nashville home to put out the bat signal for help.

WKRN in Nashville posted a video of the roof of Kozak’s home, covered by a tarp that reads “We Need Beer” along with Kozak’s Venmo account (hit ’em up @Ben-Kozak-1). According to a post on his Facebook, the tornado went through the backyards and alleys on Kozak’s street, and missed most of the houses “by a small margin.”

This kind of stuff makes me so proud to live in Nashville. Even when times are tough, people still have a sense of humor – and are still ready to drink. Time for me to toss some beer money to Ben.

After the week that these people have had, they deserve a few drinks.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock