Sturgill Simpson Break Dancing Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

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Screwy Stuey is BACK.

If you listened to Sturgill on the Trillbilly Worker’s Party podcast you can hear the backstory on Screwy Stuey, but for right now, I’m just here to bless your afternoon with a video of Sturgill Simpson getting ready for the upcoming tour with an epic… break dance session? And honestly, he’s not half bad. Definitely not good, but better than you or me could do.

Are they working a Tyler/Sturgill dance battle into the set list? Because I’m 100% not above those kind of shenanigans. Either way, if this video is any indication, the A Good Look’n Tour, (which kicks off this weekend in Birmingham) is going to be bananas.

Filmed by Sturgill’s keys player Bobby, I guarantee this is the best thing you’ll see all day.

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Parents, if you have picked up on your children snapchatting and twittering about a new artist by the name of Screwy Stuey, it's time to have a talk about the dangers of cuss rap and hip hop dance. We have to draw the line somewhere. For more information you can purchase a ticket to the Good Look'N tour where @timmytychilders gives a musical lecture on abstinence. 🎥 by @bobmanactual . . #wherethefuckissturgillsimpson #screwystuey #theturtleshellspin #stutangclan #PSA #orlandogotmoveslikejagger #intouchwiththeyouth #makedancenotfriends #phattesthorseintown #outlawchoreogrophy #learnedthisoneinhollywood #LilStu #whattoexpectfromthe5thalbum #dropabeatmiles #breakdancersroar #ififindasturgillsimpsoncdinyourroomyouregoingtobiblecamp #hankdefinitelydiditthisway #momneverletstulistentocussrap #agoodlookndanceoff #sturgillsimpson #sturgill

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