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8 Unreleased Eric Church Songs To Get You Hungry For The Next Album

Well here we are…

It’s the start of 2020, Eric just capped off one helluva year with his MONSTER 2019 Double Down Tour, (he should’ve won, I’m still bitter, but we’re not getting into all of that right now), and now fans are anxiously awaiting the news of his 2020 plans. We know he has quite a few festivals penciled into his Google Calendar, but is there a 2020 tour on the horizon? Is there a new album on the way? Will him and Garth Brooks participate in that charity boxing match (sponsored by Whiskey Riff and a cheap beer brand TBD, of course) that we’re all (as of right now, since I just thought of it) hoping for? Point is, we have a lot of questions… none of which I can answer. Sorry…

Three, Two, Three, One, Three… those are more or less the number of years between each one of Church’s studio albums, a with a couple live projects sprinkled in between. Desperate Man came out in October of 2018, so are we going to see a new album in 2020? Probably not, especially since we’re seeing some radio success on this record, but could we? Sure, why not? Could Eric take most of the year off like he did in 2018 before he released Desperate Man? Hope not, but it’s also possible.

The point is, we don’t know what he’s doing, but what we DO know is that Eric has some songs in his back pocket. Throughout his career, her’s performed a number of unreleased hidden gems that the Church Choir definitely know, some Whiskey Riffers know, but the casual fan? They’ve probably never heard of them. We’re gonna change that.

Nothing gets you pumped for a new year like hearing new music and recently, Eric debuted a new one called “Becky’s Back In Birmingham.”

“Becky’s Back In Birmingham” will most likely never make an album and neither will any of these other ones, but it just goes to show you how good Eric Church really is. Like Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers and others at the top of he game, even their songs that barely see the light of day are better than most of what country radio has to offer.

Here’s 7 more from Eric Church.

“Old Friends, Old Whiskey, Old Songs”

“Whatever That Was”

“Standing Their Ground”

“Good For That”


“Lost In Neverland”

“Old Testament Me”

And of course, there are many, many more…

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