Florida Man Tries To Use “That’s What She Said” Line On A Cop Patting Him Down… Goes To Jail

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There’s one comeback that is as old as time…

The infamous, “That’s what she said,” dad joke.

It’s the only comeback that’s constantly used from 12-year-olds at the lunch table, to 80-year-olds playing poker at the bar.

Seriously, it’s world renown.

However, there’s one instance where the joke should never, EVER be said…

When you’re being searched by a cop.

According to The Smoking Gun, Brandon McComas, a 31-year-old from Vero Beach, Florida, was pulled over after Deputy Scott Prouty noticed him trying to “conceal a large bulge in his front left pocket with his arm.”

When Prouty began to pat the culprit down, he described the bulge as a “long cylindrical object.”

And McComas’ response?

“That’s what she said.”

Alright, the cop has to be the most stale person on this planet if he didn’t get at least a giggle out of that one, but still, it’s not gonna help your case when you’re about to be sent to jail.

Turns out, the “cylindrical object” contained marijuana and a glass pipe, and he was cited for possession.

Tough scene my guy, tough scene…

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