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Kansas/Kansas State Game Ends With All-Out BRAWL, Player Even Picks Up A Chair To Fight With

Holy shit, this was a bad scene. A BAD scene in Lawrence, Kansas.

We got a nasty block from De Sousa, we got some clowning after said block, we got pushing, we got benches clearing, we got punches throwing, we got dudes in suits flying in from the rafters, we got dudes (named De Sousa, AKA the guy that started this) picking up chairs to uses as weapons… we got total anarchy.

It looks like a coach may have grabbed the chair before anything could happen, but no doubt, Silvio De Sousa going full on WWE and picking up a chair to use as a weapon is going to be a problem for him. Expect some serious punishment for lunatic move.

Here’s how it all went down.

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A beer bottle on a dock