Iowa State Trooper Narrowly Avoids Getting Crushed By Runaway Truck In Snowstorm


To say the weather was bad this past weekend in the Heartland was an understatement. It was nearly fatal for one Iowa State Trooper on I-80 near Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Footage from the Iowa State Police shows one of their own troopers barely escaping with his life when a pickup truck went skidding the road at a high rate of speed. The officer was assisting another truck that had slid off the road when a semi truck nearly sideswiped his patrol car. Moments later, another pickup loses control and is headed straight for the officer and the other man, who both managed to get out of the way before the two trucks collided, sending the cargo flying.

Thankfully, everybody involved managed to avoid injuries.

“Shocking video today from a delivery truck on I-80 in Western Iowa. The AMCON Distributing driver, State Trooper, & occupants in the pickup truck were not seriously injured. If you have to be out driving during inclement weather- slow down and be aware of the road conditions.”

Head on a swivel out there people… HEAD. ON. A. SWIVEL.

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