Blake Shelton’s “Nobody But Me” Is Better Than Blake Shelton’s “Nobody But You”

Sorry, I had to say it.

Blake Shelton recently dropped a new song called “Nobody But You,” featuring his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, and while it’s just… fine, the title takes me back to another Blake Shelton song. A much better Blake Shelton song from all the way back from 2005. A song that just so happens to have nearly the same exact title.

Long before Blake was a judge on The Voice, and long before he was winning “Sexiest Man Alive” titles, and long before Blake was dating Gwen Stefani, he was wearing a cowboy hat, rocking a mullet and putting out some pretty damn good country music. Classics like “Austin” and “Ol’ Red” and even some lesser known hits like “Goodbye Time” and this one, “Nobody But Me.” Times were just better back then, and unfortunately, so were Blake Shelton’s songs.

Just watch this video and tell me I’m lying. You can’t.

Blake standing outside of a lighthouse, hitting those high notes with the flow coming out the back of the hat like that? I’ll take that Blake Shelton any day.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock