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Bud Light Offers To Match Ravens CB $14,000 Fine For Shotgunning Beer In The Crowd, Will Donate To Charity

After Week 14’s match-up between two AFC playoff teams, one Ravens player left the stadium with a much lighter wallet.

After Ravens CB Marcus Peters broke up a pass to Buffalo Bills WR John Brown to seal up the win, Marcus ran over to some fellow Ravens fans in the crowd and shotgunned a Budweiser with them.

Naturally, the No-Fun-League fined Peters something to the tune of $14,037 dollars for unsportsmanlike conduct. Bud Light however, chimed in agreeing to match the fine in the form of a donation to a charity of Peters’ choice.

Top notch organization that Bud Light is, however, something tells me Marcus Peters can afford it… and that it was well worth it.

In fact, I think Bud Light should be provided for every winning team after every NFL game. Shake hands and then we all meet in the endzone for a celebratory shotgun. Tell me you wouldn’t want to watch that.

Anyways, here’s the highlight reel.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock