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Neat Stuff: Garth Brooks Is Taking His Stadium Tour To North Carolina

G is taking his talents to North Carolina.

Announced today, Garth’s Big-Ass Stadium Tour will be rolling into Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday May 2nd. Performing at Bank of America Stadium, this show will be Garth’s first performance in North Carolina in 22 years, and according to a press release, the only North Carolina and South Carolina shows of the entire tour.

The only South Carolina show? I get that Charlotte is right on the border, but to say that it’s the only show in South Carolina sounds kind of stupid to me. They’re different states.

“Hey, we’re coming to Philadelphia and it’s the only show in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware this year.”

C’mon G, don’t be silly. Just say you’re not coming to South Carolina this year so if you want to see a show, get your ass to this one. Anyways, tickets will be on sale Friday, December 6th at 10:00 AM EST.

And remember, it’s all about game day or Garth day, however you want to look at it. So wear your favorite colors, support your team and let’s get physical making music… Garth likes that.

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