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Miller Is Selling Champagne Bottles Of High Life For The Extremely Affordable Price Of $3.49

The Champagne of Beers is officially living up to its name.

The High Life champagne bottle was originally introduced a few years back, but only in Chicago and Milwaukee. And then last year, it was made available nationwide, but in very limited quantities.

This year however, High Life is distributing even more bottles, giving you the chance to actually get your hands on one this holiday season. And the best part? The bottle will only cost you $3.49. That’s right, an entire champagne bottle of High Life for less than 3 and a half bucks. Cheap beer, fancy bottle… what’s not to love?

Every redneck New Year’s Eve party in the country is going to be buying these bad boys by the pallet. Myself included.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock