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The Budweiser Clydesdales To Hold Funeral For 3.2% Beers In Utah

I love Utah. I’d love it more if I could drink a damn beer there.

I was Park City over the summer and it was absolutely beautiful. The views are amazing, the weather is perfect, the people are nice, the food was great, everything about it was incredible except for little thing… the booze.

In Utah, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even some restaurants can only sell beer that’s 3.2% alcohol by volume. We’re talking lighter than light, not to mention they’re more expensive than the regular stuff. If you want liquor or stronger beer you have to go to a special State-run store and for me, I had to go down the mountain, through town, all the way to other side… it was quite the hike. Even one restaurant I walked into wouldn’t serve me a glass of wine unless I ordered food too. Something about the type of license they have being technically a “restaurant” and not a “bar” so I can’t just drink there, I had to eat. I don’t know, it was weird.

Anyways, the point is, that Utah has finally done away with that nonsense and Budweiser is bringing the ponies into town to celebrate. Starting November 1st, the state of Utah will up their 3.2% limit to 5% ABV.

“After 86 long years, October 31 marks the death of Utah’s 3.2% beer laws and now Utahns can finally drink Budweiser with the same recipe as the rest of the U.S. Throughout the week, Budweiser is celebrating with the state of Utah that Bud Heavy is finally here. Budweiser advertising will literally be heavier, with disruptive, King-sized ads where the billboards appear to collapse under the weight of massive Bud Heavy bottles. And of course, on November 1, that message will ring true for all Utahns as retailers across the state will begin to sell 5% ABV Budweiser.”

Bud will be bringing their signature Clydesdale horses to town to host a “Halloween funeral” with  ghoulish pallbearers. The funeral procession, AKA a parade, will travel through downtown Salt Lake City, where it will then stop at several local bars to keep the party going.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock