Hundreds Of Demon-Possessed Birds Die Flying Into The Side Of The NASCAR Hall Of Fame Building

Ummm, what?

Last night’s bizarre scene at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina, looked more like something out of a horror movie. Hundreds of birds flew into the side of the building for no apparent reason, leaving many of them dead.

In this strange video captured by Hollie Cameron, you can see as hundreds of birds litter the sidewalk as she contemplates the “end of the world” with a nearby security guard.

According to WSOC Channel 9, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue responded to the scene and treated hundreds of the injured chimney swifts. Of the 310 total birds they rescued, 205 were in stable condition in the morning. However, many were already dead by the time they arrived.

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue thinks that somebody disturbed their roost and sent them scattering in the middle of the night, which sounds plausible, but I’m thinking something a little more sinister. These are demon-possessed birds if I have every seen them. And, I’ve seen them a time or two.

Remember that Bible story where all the pigs run off the side of a cliff? No? Well, it’s in there and it looks an awful lot like what’s happening here. Just saying.

Convince me otherwise…

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