Cody Jinks Channels His Inner Randy Travis With Unreleased Honky Tonk Jam, “One Good Decision”

We’re a little over a week away from the release of After The Fire, the first album during Cody’s two week, double album release party, and of course, it’s about time to start working this new material into the live set. Cody has been playing some of the new stuff on the road, both songs that have already been released, and unreleased songs like this new honky tonk shuffle, “One Good Decision.”

According to co-writer Tennessee Jet, the whole song came together in less than 24 hours:

“It was about 2am after a full day of recording at Sonic Ranch and Cody, Josh Thompson and I were sitting around the fire smoking, drinking and taking in the border-town stars. Cody and I had been wanting to write a shuffle for the record and when Cody told me he wanted to write a light-hearted tune called “One Good Decision” it seemed like the perfect vehicle.The title was something a mutual friend of ours Greg Walker had said a few months back in Vegas and Cody wanted to turn it into a song. That night before going to sleep I did a quick first write of the tune to get rolling… basically a verse/chorus rough and played it for Cody the next day and we worked on it some and got the basic structure started. I was heading back to Oklahoma so we wouldn’t have much time to sit down and hammer it out and he was gonna be tracking other songs all day so I wrote another verse at the terminal while waiting for my plane out of El Paso. When I got back to Oklahoma I threw a quick demo of the tune down on my phone and sent it to Cody thinking this one was probably written a little too late to make THIS record… so I was pleasantly surprised when Cody sent me a video later that night of them recording the song. Said they got it in 2 or 3 takes. The whole song went from an idea to recorded for the album in less than 24 hours and it turned out just how we’d envisioned. Cody is a huge Randy Travis and George Strait fan and it’s a classic country honkytonk shuffle in that vein.”

Cody even finished the song with a spirited “hey, we didn’t fuck up!”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock