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Nashville Bar Runs Out Of Vodka By 10 AM Because LSU Fans Like To Drink

LSU fans can DRINK.

The Tigers were in Nashville on Saturday, going head to head with Vanderbilt, and they brought a shit ton of fans with them.

Actually, shit ton might be putting it lightly….

And, it looks like one Nashville bar was about as prepared for LSU’s fans as Vandy was for their football team.

The Local, a bar just a few blocks from Vanderbilt’s football stadium, is a great place to grab a drink before the game. Unless you want vodka at 9:40 AM… because the LSU fans drank it all.

It took the LSU crowd just 40 minutes to drink the entire bar out of vodka.

How do you let that happen? The game kicked off at 11 AM, so you had to know that all those LSU fans would be pounding screwdrivers as soon as the doors opened before heading to the stadium.

Luckily, we have a few more bars here in Nashville that were fully stocked for their postgame celebration. I think it’s safe to say that next time, The Local will be more prepared.

Despite the vodka snafu, it looks like LSU fans still had a good time. Then again, a 66-38 victory will do that for you.

h/t Saturday Down South

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