Cody Jinks Releases The Title Track From Upcoming Album, ‘The Wanting’

Is it October yet?

Cody Jinks has slowly been releasing tracks from his upcoming albums, After The Fire and The Wanting, both of which will be released next month.

Written by Cody and Tennessee Jet, the newly released title track of The Wanting came together pretty quickly at the 11th hour, and according to co-writer Tennessee Jet, it’s the “most unique” song they’ve ever collaborated on together.

“Cody and I wrote “The Wanting” at the kitchen table in the guest house at Sonic Ranch on the last week of recording. He’d already tracked 15 or so songs and they were all sounding like keepers. I’d flown in to write and check out the complex and we ended up getting “The Wanting” in about an hour.

I’d had the makings of the first verse but it really came together when we incorporated the chorus chant and hammered out the 2nd verse together. Cody wanted to keep the object of the singer’s desire ambiguous… it could be the realization of a dream, a lover, overcoming a regret… all depending on where you drop the needle…

Within a day of writing this one, Cody and his band was laying it down in the studio (the Adobe room) which made for a nice spontaneous energy… Cody and his band have done so many shows and records together that the pieces all lock together pretty quickly. His producer Josh keeps things moving and when it feels right it’s right and they move on. It’s all about the vibe.

“The Wanting” is the most unique song Cody and I have written, kind of a cross between “Smoke Rings in the Dark” and “Maggie May”… with a twin fiddle kickoff. I didn’t go down there planning on singing or playing on anything but ended up singing on the choruses.”

After The Fire will be released on October 11th, and The Wanting the following week, October 18th.

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