Brothers Osborne Blow The Roof Off With “Shoot Me Straight (Live At The Ryman)”

I hope the Ryman had roof insurance… I think the Bros might’ve just blown it off.

Normally, I wouldn’t get overly excited for a live album but when it comes the Brothers Osborne, it’s all about the live show. John is shredding, TJ is singing, songs get longer, the energy gets higher… I’m telling you, they’re one of the best live acts in the business. If you haven’t seen them live, stop what you’re doing, pull out the Google, find a show, and get tickets. You won’t regret it.

Their new Live At The Ryman album is set to drop on October 11th, but until then, hold yourself over with the newly released live version of “Shoot Me Straight.”

And if you think I’m kidding about the roof thing, I’m not.

At a show in Boise, Idaho, back in 2016, they literally brought the roof down.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock