If You’re Not Listening To Tyler Childers, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Working in the country music business, you’d be surprised how many people have never heard of Tyler Childers. I’m talking country music fans, country radio personnel, people on staff at the labels and PR firms, and even major label recording artists themselves…

How could anyone say they love country music, God forbid work in the industry, and not listen to Tyler Childers? It blows my fucking mind…

Hailing from Lawrence County, Kentucky, Tyler is as gifted as a songwriter as you’ll ever find in country music. In a genre built on the foundation of authentic storytelling, timeless human experience, struggle, and redemption, Tyler’s music encompasses all of it, painting vivid scenes, both in beauty and in pain, of life in Appalachia. His captivating lyricism, dynamic melodies and poignant delivery manage to transport you to place you’ve never been, and make you feel connected to people you’ve never met.

“I was writing an album about being in the mountains. I wanted it to have that gritty mountain sound. But at the same time, I wanted a more modern version of it that a younger generation can listen to—the people I grew up with, something I’d want to listen to,” said Childers of his debut album Purgatory.

Of his new album, Country Squire, Tyler said, “I hope that people in the area that I grew up in find something they can relate to. I hope that I’m doing my people justice and I hope that maybe someone from somewhere else can get a glimpse of the life of a Kentucky boy.”

Tyler Childers is the truth. A truth country music has been lacking, and one it desperately needs to hear.

“Whitehouse Road”

“All Your’n”

“Country Squire”

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