Kip Moore Calls Out “Sh*tbag” Scalpers Trying To Steal Tickets From The Real Fans

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Fuck yeah, let ’em have it.

The music industry has always been plagued with what Kip has so perfectly described as “shitbags,” looking to buy up as many tickets as possible and then resell them to the real fans at three times the price. With today’s technology, it’s becoming easier and easier.

Thankfully, there are still artists like Kip out there that will do whatever it takes to make sure that the real fans are taken care of and that they can afford to see a show.

With a healthy “fuck you,” to all those aforementioned shitbags, Kip announced that he will be canceling any tickets that scalpers bought in the pre-sale today and he will make them available for the real fans to purchase at the original price. Naturally, other artists like Cole Swindell, Michael Ray, Lindsay Ell, and more showed their support in the comment section.

Bravo Kip. You’re always going above and beyond for the fans, just another reason why you’re perpetually one of the best in the business.

“I realize some of you will watch this and think he’s an ass or why’s he so mad. Here’s the deal .. I came from a family of 6 kids. It was a Very blue collar household where my dad worked sun up to sun down his whole life. We could never afford good seats to anything. It was always the cheap seats which we were completely ok with and loved every baseball game we could go to. I’m now a grown man and know how strapped for cash my dad was trying to raise all of us. I’ve made it a point to look out for those people and those families. It cost us a lot to tour…buses, lighting, sound, catering, fuel, 13 man crew etc… I could easily charge a $50 to $75 tic but I don’t love $ enough to do that. I’ve tried to keep the general tic (not vip) around $35-$40 for that family that’s barely getting by. I want them to enjoy a night out and not feel stressed about the $. I don’t know the solution to this problem. Someone just said be glad there’s a demand for your show and yea that’s great but that’s not the point. It sucks to see some people taking advantage of a free market society. We will try to cancel some of these tics on re-sell sites.”

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