11-Year-Old Utah Boy With “Ice Cold Beer” Sign Draws The Attention Of Police

A boy holding a sign
Brigham City Police

I didn’t even know they had beer in Utah? I mean, barely. I’m pretty sure the only beer you can get there is a 2% Michelob Ultra Super Light, or something like it. But either way, that didn’t stop one 11-year-old from drawing the attention of the local police force with a large “ICE COLD BEER” sign.

Only problem… he was selling root beer.

Lemonade stand? That’s child’s play. You want to play with the big boys, you start pushing root beer. And, for 11-year-old Seth,  he was moving quite a few bottles, but not without an extremely clever marketing strategy. Well, until the cops showed up.

“Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious,” Lt. Tony Ferderber told CNN.

Seth wrote the word “root” incredibly small, right above the word “beer” and folks were stopping by the dozens to get a taste. When they found out he was only selling root beer, they bought a bottle anyway.

Honestly, I don’t know if this says more about the business savvy of the kid, or more about how hard up Utah folks are for an ice cold beer. I mean, the fact that they’re willing to stop their car and buy some beer from a child seems pretty suspect for a state full of Mormons. However you want to look at it, he’s has got a knack for sales. With deceptive marketing strategies like that, he’s got a bright future in politics, big business, hell, I’m sure Facebook will hire him.

Or you know, maybe he sells some high school kid a bag of oregano and gets his ass kicked, or sells the wrong guy from Colombia a bag of flour and wakes up with cement shoes. Either way, kid is going places.

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A beer bottle on a dock