Amber Smith Shares Heartbreaking, Yet Encouraging, Update: “Missing My Baby So Much”

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You have to commend the Smith family for what an absolute inspiration they have been during this awful time.

Being completely transparent in their struggle, donating money to River’s hospital, and encouraging others that are dealing with similar circumstances, the Smith family have shown us all with true strength and faith look like in times of unthinkable tragedy.

However, consistent with their model of total transparency, Amber Smith shared an Instagram post earlier this morning confessing that although they continue to stay strong and fight, that there are also ample moments of heartache, anger and total brokenness.

“Missing my baby so much. People keep saying, “you’re so strong” “how are you functioning?” “I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.” I am broken. My heart will never be the same. I will never be the same. Yes, I have strong moments, but I also (as any grieving mother would do) cry, scream, question, and fall to my knees. Then I get back up and fight. I just want to share my journey with all of you because it will be a long road, and if we can help at least one person going through something like this, then it is worth it to me to be open about my feelings, my faith, my struggles. To any of you experiencing a loss of any kind (and maybe I’m just trying to remind myself here) – You can do this. You can grieve and still be strong for your family, husband and or other kiddos. Lean in to Him in your weakness and learn to not beat yourself up (like I do) when you are having a moment of calm. Shut out the negative and focus on the light and the love.”

She finished with powerful reminder about judging others, never knowing the circumstances that are going on in somebody else’s life.

“Be kind to those around you. Before you choose to judge or tear down, always try to encourage or lift people up. That person next to you, that car in front of you, that woman down the street, that man in your office, those kiddos in the store, you never know what kind of trials they are facing. Thank you all again for sharing your stories of loss with me, for lifting my family up through prayers and encouragement. YOU are the reasons for my strength at times and I’m so grateful.” 

The family recently donated over $215,000 to Dell Children’s Medical Center in honor of their late son, River, who passed away in a drowning accident last month.

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