Jana Kramer Clarifies “Blow Up” Fight, Sleeping In Separate Beds After Move Back To Nashville

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We have another story in which Jana Kramer is needing to clarify her comments made during her podcast.

Jana and Mike just moved back to Nashville, and had a “blow up” fight. This resulted in them sleeping in separate beds. Plenty of sites shared this news, without much of the context. As you know, there are many of these click-baity type stories with Jana that arise from her podcast with Mike.

I’m sure it helps the podcast with downloads, but often leads to Jana having to clarify – like this case.

“Just want to be open about a few things. Well lets be honest we are open about a lot, but there’s a reason and I think sometimes that maybe gets overlooked. My mission was to create a space where we could go and be honest, open and raw about everything from marriage, family, love, the good bad and ugly. Our recent episode of whine down we talked about a fight we had and what I want to make clear is, we aren’t perfect (who is) and we never will be but the take away is how we repair and I hope y’all can not feel alone when you go through it too. No relationship I know is perfect. The articles that were posted yesterday bothered me so much because they made it seem like OH NO they are back in nashville sleeping in separate beds. They left out the context of why we shared the story. ????. Every relationship I know needs work, and constant fighting and not in the bad way. The fight to keep growing your love. The fight to be a better version of yourself which in return makes you a better partner. Know you’re not alone in the journey of love, life and relationships. We are here to show you it’s a crazy wild ride but that it can be the greatest love you’ve had and that you’re not alone. #moresoon #daretolove”

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