Wade Bowen Releases Powerful Mini-Documentary About Mental Health, “Inconsistent Chaos”

If you’re a fan of Wade Bowen, and even if you’re not, find 20 minutes today and take the time to watch this.

This short documentary titled “Inconsistent Chaos” documents Wade Bowen’s struggle with hemorrhaging vocal chords, a serious health problem that left him doubting whether or not he would ever be able to sing again. As he was dealing with his own health issues, his nephew and crew member, Chase Everett Cavender, committed suicide on Father’s Day 2018.

Wade took that deeply personal experience and used his platform to shine a necessary light on the mental health conversation. When asked why he wanted to make this documentary, Bowen said:

“For one, to let my fans and followers know that I had recovered. I think that was a major concern for many. We tried to keep it somewhat quiet during the process, so we didn’t alarm people. Additionally, although painted on a somewhat unique canvas, my problems were/are far from unique. Fear and depression affect us all no matter what the cause. Because I’ve got a platform enabling me to speak louder than most, I wanted to be sure the world could hear that it’s ok, there is help. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek it. Tell a friend, a family member, a loved one that you need help – it doesn’t make you weak or less cool.”

This is a story about the fragility of life and the importance mental health, and one that many desperately need to hear.

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