Tim McGraw Sends The Ladies Into A Frenzy With Revealing Wet Suit Pic

A person holding a fish

Alright ladies, everybody settle down.

Tim McGraw took to social media to share a few pics with his catch of the day, or at least, that’s what he thought he was showing people. In the first pic, Tim showed off that chiseled body he has, along with a nice yellow fin grouper.

Naturally, those abs sent the ladies into a frenzy, however in the next pic, Tim covered up and put on wet suit. If you thought that would be less provocative, you’d be wrong, VERY wrong. Let’s just say there was a very healthy amount of eggplant emojis in the extremely thirsty comment section.

“Do you know how many of us just zoomed in…lol.”

“I can’t even see a fish.” 

“We can see your package.”

“Whew!! Glad I wasn’t the only one giggling like a child.”

“Faith Hill is a lucky woman.”

“I’m not looking at the fish. Lol.”

“Dam Tim nice body! I can’t even see the fish.”

“He’s the ultimate dilf.”

It went on and on and on like that…

Good for you, Tim…

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