Luke Combs To Release ‘The Prequel EP’ Featuring “Refrigerator Door” & The Rest Of Your Unreleased Favorites

Luke Combs is already in the middle of a MONSTER year and it’s only getting bigger.

As every die-hard Luke Combs fan knows, there is such a massive amount of unreleased gems in Luke’s repertoire that we’re always hungry for more new music. Thankfully, Luke has heard his fans loud and clear.

Announced today, Luke Combs will be releasing an brand new EP called The Prequel, featuring the new hit single “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” along with 4 new songs. Fan favorite “Refrigerator Door,” will be on the new EP, along with “Even Though I’m Leaving,” Lovin’ On You,” and “Moon Over Mexico.”

Luke is running through #1 singles so fast that he just has to keep releasing new music and I’m definitely not mad at it.

The Prequel EP is out June 7th. GET READY!

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1. Beer Never Broke My Heart (written by Luke Combs, Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton)
2. Refrigerator Door (written by Luke Combs, Jordan Brooker)
3. Even Though I’m Leaving (written by Luke Combs, Wyatt B. Durrette III, Ray Fulcher)
4. Lovin’ On You (written by Luke Combs, Thomas Archer, Ray Fulcher, James McNair)
5. Moon Over Mexico (written by Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton)

Here’s a few live performances of some of the songs we can expect on the new EP.

“Refrigerator Door”

“Moon Over Mexico”

And of course, the hit single “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

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A group of people in the snow

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A beer bottle on a dock