Go Back To The Good Ol’ Days With Jon Wolfe’s New “Some Ol’ Bar In The 90’s”

Man, I wish I was old enough to drink in the 90’s.

Imagine how great it must’ve been to sit on a stool in some ol’ dive bar, cold Miller Lite on draft, Cubs are playing the Cardinals, this young gun named Sammy Sosa just parked one onto Waveland and then somebody drops a quarter in the jukebox and cranks Alan Jackson’s new hit single “Chattahoochee.” How amazing would that be?

“As a kid, the first decade of country music that heavily influenced me were the ‘90s,” says Wolfe. “I love everything about country music and the artists that shaped the history of our genre, but the ‘90s were in full force when I was growing up in Oklahoma and learning to play guitar and sing… 90’s country shaped me artistically and I felt like this song says it all.”

Says it all, indeed.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock