The Official Beer Of The Summer Is Here

Let’s be honest, we’re not all Cristiano Ronaldo over here with a measly 6% body fat. Nope, some of us pre-fatherhood 25-year-olds have the body of a 48 year old dad… and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with it. It’s 2019, body shaming is out, embracing your body is in and we’re ready to steer right into it with a brand new beer, affectionately named, “Dad Bod.”

The Baltimore-based DuClaw Brewing company (the same folks that brought us the Fruity Pebbles-infused Unicorn Farts) are welcoming the summer with what they’re calling the most un-intimidating double IPA ever.

According to the description, Dad Bod is a juicy, golden, double IPA that’s comfortable, easy drinking and simply un-intimidating. A soft-bellied blend of tropical, pine, and citrus hop flavors, it’s like a cuddle for your taste buds. So raise an above average glass to loving thyself.

It’s officially Dad Bod SZN, don’t fight it, embrace it.

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