Jake Owen Gets Back To His Roots With New Single, “Homemade”

Solid pick.

I said this on my last article about Jake’s acoustic performance of “In It,” but I’ll say it again… Jake does beachin’, boatin’, and drinkin’ just about as well as anybody, and sometimes, that’s what casual fans know him for, but songs like “LAX” and “Green Bananas” will always be some of my favorites. The truth is, he’s always been one to put out heartfelt, meaningful, real deal country tunes too.

From his new record Greetings From… Jake, “In It” is a perfect example, and so is his new single, “Homemade,” a nostalgic ode to the people and places that shaped your life. If country music is supposed to tell a story, one that can transport you to a place in time and really make you feel something, “Homemade” is right in the wheelhouse.

“Homemade is set to impact country radio on June 3rd.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock