Jake Owen Drops New Acoustic Performance Of “In It,” One Of His Own Personal Favorites

Jake does a country ballad as well as just about anyone in country music.

No doubt he does beachin’, boatin’, and drinkin’ just about as well as anybody too, but songs like “LAX” and “Green Bananas” will always be some of my favorites. His 6th studio album, Greetings From… Jake, was just released a few weeks ago and this one, “In It,” instantly grabbed my attention. As it turns out, it grabbed Jake’s too.

“I love a classic beautiful country song that’s simple and well written; ‘If you got memories, I just hope that I’m a piece of ’em,’ and that’s what this song is about. And it’s laced with steel guitar, which I’m a huge fan of steel guitar, and I just feel like it’s a great country song. So I would say ‘In It’ is probably my favorite song on this record,” he tells iHeart.

Today, he released a new Vevo Live Performance video of the song. It’s my favorite, Jake’s favorite… what else do you need?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock