Joe Rogan = Big Jason Isbell Guy

Joe Rogan, Jason Isbell singing into microphones

If you know anything about Whiskey Riff, you know that we’re big fans of Joe Rogan.

A stand-up comedian, avid hunter and conservationist, UFC commentator, host of the biggest podcast in the entire fucking world, Joe is a jack of all trades. He’s also a big Jason Isbell guy.

“This song is love and life and regret in musical form. Jason Isbell is a bad motherfucker.”

Joe has had guys like Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, so it really shouldn’t surprise anybody that he’s a fan of a guy like Isbell as well. But still, for someone with Joe’s level of influence to champion real-deal artists like Jason Isbell, that can only mean good things for country music as a whole. You have to love seeing it.

Let’s get him on the podcast Joe.

By the way, this isn’t the first time he’s shouted out Jason. He also shared this ringing endorsement for Jason back in 2016.

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A beer bottle on a dock